About us

VTS company was organized by a group of young like-minded people, having a successful experience of foreign economic activity to solve their own problems.

Now we are ready to provide all the knowledge, experience, resources and other possible solutions to your problems related to the conduct of foreign trade activities!

Delivery of telecommunication equipment

VTS supplies telecommunications equipment from abroad for the needs of mobile operators and government agencies, having all the necessary licenses and permissions to work with devices that use encryption.


— VTS will perform import and export services:

Customs broker

The VTS is included in the register of brokers authorized by the Federal customs service of the Russian Federation to carry out customs transactions on behalf of importers/exporters (certificate No. 1192).

You entrust the VTS company to perform a set of tasks for customs clearance of goods, including determining the nomenclature code, calculating the customs value, filling out a Declaration for the goods, and representing your company's interests in customs authorities. We perform all the appropriate actions to clean and transfer the product to you as soon as possible.

Foreign Trade Agent

Your company instructs VTS to buy goods. We carry out the purchase of goods on behalf of our company, registered in the European Union, and owning VAT, then we make the necessary cargo handling and transportation of cargo, prepare a package of documents, conduct import customs clearance, VTS acts as an importer in the Russian Federation, after payment of customs duties and charges VTS sells customs-cleared goods to your company under product supply (commission) agreement.

Your participation in the process is minimal -you get the finished result without diverting your own resources.

Customs Clearance Agent

You sign an agency agreement with VTS and get your required set of services.

VTS on behalf of your company and on its behalf as a member of the foreign trade transaction executes import customs clearance of goods supplied under your contract. Performs calculation of payments, the preparation of customs declaration, obtains permits, delivers goods.

Additional services

VTS is ready to assist in obtaining permits required for customs clearance and sale of goods (declaration of conformity, conformity certificates, state registration, protocols of alcohol content, technical regulations, expert opinions, classification decisions and other documents).

Besides, VTS is ready to arrange cargo insurance, truck transportation, warehousing, marking and storage. Having knowledge of all stages of transportation and taking into account all nuances we can prepare and deliver the cargo as soon as is practicable. Extra handling and marking are at your disposal.


VTS cares for its reputation and has partnership relations only with the best and reliable companies – which allows the company to offer its clients the required solutions of the highest quality.
Sulzer Chemtech
Мотив телеком



Projects implemented within partnership agreements:

Plant for applying external anti-corrosion coating for large diameter pipes
Vyksa city
The line for the production of large diameter pipes, line drawing of internal and external coating for large diameter pipes,
Saint – Petersburg
Plant for production of sunflower oil,
Krasnodar region
Plant for production of dry pack mortars,
Plant for production of bitumen – polymer materials,
Equipment for metallization of plastic films
Saint Petersburg
Plant for thermomechanical processing of plates of aluminum alloys,
Kamensk city - Ural
Facility for black liquor evaporation, transport - packing line for moving and packing rolls
Koryazhma city, Arkhangelsk region.
Plant for the production of components for washing machines in
St. Petersburg
Oil refinery plant
Astrakhan city
Modular dressing mill
Magnitogorsk city
Wood working complex
Kirishi city, Leningrad region


27 Sushchevskaya Street, Building 2
Tel. +7 (495) 539 29 97
E-mail: info@vts-russia.com
We are situated at the Mendeleyevskaya metro station.